Our Values

Alamos Gold’s commitment to sustainable development is embedded in our core Values through to how we conduct our day-to-day business. We understand that mining has a significant impact on the social and environmental well-being of our stakeholders; our goal is to have a net-positive impact and develop responsible mining practices that generate social, environmental and economic value throughout the life cycle of our mines.

“Thrive with us”

We are a family. Alamos Gold is an entrepreneurial company and that spirit is seen every day in our energetic and dynamic get-it-done ethos. We are a community of people who are passionate about our work. We are open and honest with each other.

We take care of each other and we all thrive on teamwork. We look out for our own safety and are passionate about the safety of our teammates. We take great pride in our work. We see ourselves as forward looking, agile and highly adaptable in problem solving.

Image showing Our Values: 

-Safety: Our first job is to make sure that our employees come home Safe Every Day. 

-Teamwork: We are sustained by teamwork. Our company and our people thrive on it.

-Environmental Sustainability: We consider the natural environment, where we conduct our activities, with the highest regard.

Integrity: We are here to do right by the people and places that we touch with our work.

- Commitment: We are passionately committed to the well being of our company, people, our stakeholders and the places where we mine.