Information Sharing

The Lynn Lake Gold Project has the potential to bring significant long-term value to northern Manitoba and in particular local Indigenous Nations and communities. We believe operating transparently will further empower our stakeholders with practical information that helps them to collaborate with us. This page provides a comprehensive repository of reports, schedules, and essential documentation to inform your knowledge of the Project and its activities.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Report provides an overview of the activities undertaken by the Lynn Lake Gold Project to comply with the Minister of Environment’s Decision Statement issued under Section 54 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. The Report describes the actions taken to meet each condition, and will be updated by 31 March annually throughout the life of the Project. A plain language executive summary is also available in English and French.

2023 Annual Compliance Report

Environmental Incident Reports

For any Project incident that has the potential to cause an adverse environmental effect, an initial incident report will be published here within 30-days describing the accident, its effects, the immediate mitigation measures taken, and any residual adverse effects that may occur. A follow-up report will be published within 90-days describing any subsequent changes, modifications and measures taken to avoid a reoccurrence of the incident. The views of Indigenous Nations and advice received from relevant authorities shall also be included.

At this time, there have been no Project incidents with the potential to cause adverse environmental effects

Communication Plan 

This Communication Plan was developed in consultation with Indigenous Nations and describes the types of accidents and malfunctions requiring the Lynn Lake Gold Project to notify them, and the manner in which we’ll do so.

Schedule of Activities

These schedules describe the activities planned to fulfill each condition set out in the Minister of Environment’s Decision Statement, and the planned activities to carry out all phases of the Project. Each schedule will be updated annually by March 31.