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The Lynn Lake Gold Project invites suppliers to ‘register your interest’ by providing us with core information about your business to help us understand the nature and scope of the goods and services you offer. The Supplier Registration Form is your opportunity to tell us about your company, and it is our primary source of supplier information that we refer to when assessing the market for new sourcing opportunities.

Conditions of Registration

Completing the registration form does not guarantee that your company will receive an invitation to bid or a contract from us, nor does it imply that your company has any type of procurement relationship with us, either now or in the future. In the event the Lynn Lake Gold Project considers a sourcing event for goods or services described in your Supplier Registration Form, your application may be considered and we may contact you.

Please complete the form ensuring all mandatory fields have been filled prior to submitting your details. An acknowledgement of your self-registration will be emailed after successfully completing the process. If you have problems in completing the Supplier Registration Form, please check the FAQ page or visit the Contact section of the website for further details on how to connect with us.

Important Information for Suppliers

Alamos Gold and the Lynn Lake Gold Project are committed to conducting business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner. This extends to our contractors and suppliers who are vital contributors and critical to our shared success. Our objective is to partner with suppliers that share our values and meet the requirements outlined within our Corporate Policies. In particular, Alamos Gold’s Supply Chain Policy (PDF) is intended to govern the conduct of Suppliers to Alamos Gold and the Lynn Lake Gold Project when doing business with or on our behalf. It establishes a set of minimum standards by which Alamos Gold requires its Suppliers to conduct their business. Alamos Gold’s Suppliers are required to take reasonable measures with their own suppliers to ensure that the standards set out in this Policy are implemented, as relevant.

**Please be sure to read Alamos Gold’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics (PDF) and Supply Chain Policy (PDF) before you complete the form below.

Supplier Registration Form

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